“David Clark is an engaging, articulate and thought provoking public speaker. He draws you in and then takes you somewhere you have never been before. His natural smile sweeps all before him as we move into inspiration. I would highly recommend David. His gifts of musicianship and thought make him an exceptionally sensitive power in a public forum.”
David Thompson Ph.D.

“One of his best talents is his ability to take the listener into his personal journey and at the same time weave the lessons we need to hear in order to form a closer personal relationship with Spirit seamlessly into his Sunday talks. His personality gives the listener the experience of listening to a friend who is both entertaining and full of knowledge.”
Karen Vanderford, RScP
President, Board of Trustees
Center for Spiritual Living, Davis

“When speaking, David has a way of reaching into your mind, not in an intrusive way, but touching a place that is private and personal, with thoughtful words or a healing balm.

In the silence of the sanctuary, David’s humor can bring on a chuckle or make you laugh out loud, usually with a story about himself. He has a delightful sense of humor.”
Betty Cooper, RScP
Speaker coordinator
Center for Spiritual Living, Davis