15 Aug

Trust Yourself


When facing a dilemma or major problem in life, try this exercise:

Pretend that a good friend has come to you with the exact same problem you’re facing. They have brought this problem to you because you always see things from a different angle and give good advice. Now, listen attentively as your friend tells you all about the issue at hand. Let your friend go into detail about the history, the people involved and their feelings as you listen with an open heart and open mind. When they’re done explaining, your friend turns to you and says, “So, what should I do?” You pause for a moment, considering all you’ve heard and knowing the loving perfection and deep strength that resides in your friend. Then, you open your mouth and fearlessly give the best advice you can give.

So, how did it go? Was the advice something you’ve always considered or was a new option revealed? Will you now do as you have advised? Why not? Surely, you want the same joy and happiness for yourself as you would want for your dear friend. Do you trust yourself enough to accept the gift of your own advice?