13 Apr


India trip notes part 5

As frenetic yet organized as my day in Agra was, the next day was the complete opposite. My flight home was scheduled to depart that evening at 8:20pm, so I had the entire day to explore. I had no official tours planned, but there were two places I wanted to visit: Swaminarayan Akshardham and Lotus Temple. Read More

15 Mar

WE can do this!

Some people point to the troubled Affordable Care Act as a perfect example of governmental overreach, bloat, and failure. The leaders who have called for its repeal for years are now poised to make that a reality. Some see the result of the election as a mandate to get rid of this flawed law and save the American people a ton of money. I get it Read More

20 Feb

Taj at Last!

India trip notes part 4

It was a short drive into Agra to get to the grounds of the Taj Mahal. First, we met up with my guide, Jagu, who, upon entering the car, proceeded to run down a long list of instructions about how things were to proceed and rules of engagement with the local folks. Read More

05 Feb

The Road to Agra


India trip notes part 3

So, here’s the scene. I landed in New Delhi at 11:00pm, and I arrived at and was checked into my hotel room by around 12:30am. I was starving and keyed up from the road, so I got something to eat and didn’t wind up going to bed until about 2:00am. I had to be up at 5:30am (at the latest) to be in the lobby by 6:00am for the 3 hour drive into Agra, Uttar Pradesh, the city where the Taj resides. Read More

01 Feb

The Light of Possibility


India trip notes part 2

My good friend Suzanne is a world traveler. She’s become a role model to me as someone who has had extraordinary dreams and achieved them, so it’s fitting that a conversation with her was the catalyst that started to make my dream actually begin to take form. Read More

24 Mar

Looking for Love

Heart Shape cut on Old Wooden Boards

Filled with dread, I made my way to the local cable office. My sense of foreboding came from knowing exactly what I’d find there: technological malfunction, disgruntled customers, and apathetic customer service representatives. Upon my arrival, I was not disappointed. Read More

28 Oct

Elixir of Love



Another school shooting.

Another terrorist attack.

Another act of senseless violence.

Each tragedy sends a shockwave of chaos through our society, shattering lives and breaking hearts. We will respond to these events the way we always do. We will assess blame and punish responsible parties. We will intensify our military presence. We might even create new laws. We’ll do what it takes to make ourselves feel safe so we can go on with our lives, but we will also retain deep scars from the experience. Chaos has a way of bringing about immediate change, but it always seems to be the same kind of change. A change that invariably closes our once-open hearts and minds. Must we always react in this way? Is it possible to react to tragedy in a way that allows us to heal our broken hearts and at the same time avoid future pain? I believe there is a way, and that way is through love. Read More

17 Sep

Seeing Peace


No person or possession is capable of taking me higher than I can take myself. I believe the same is true for all of us. Each one of us elevating ourselves to the best self that we can conceive of. Limited only by what we think we see. Read More