20 Feb

Taj at Last!

India trip notes part 4

It was a short drive into Agra to get to the grounds of the Taj Mahal. First, we met up with my guide, Jagu, who, upon entering the car, proceeded to run down a long list of instructions about how things were to proceed and rules of engagement with the local folks. Read More

05 Feb

The Road to Agra


India trip notes part 3

So, here’s the scene. I landed in New Delhi at 11:00pm, and I arrived at and was checked into my hotel room by around 12:30am. I was starving and keyed up from the road, so I got something to eat and didn’t wind up going to bed until about 2:00am. I had to be up at 5:30am (at the latest) to be in the lobby by 6:00am for the 3 hour drive into Agra, Uttar Pradesh, the city where the Taj resides. Read More

01 Feb

The Light of Possibility


India trip notes part 2

My good friend Suzanne is a world traveler. She’s become a role model to me as someone who has had extraordinary dreams and achieved them, so it’s fitting that a conversation with her was the catalyst that started to make my dream actually begin to take form. Read More