02 Dec

Happy Thanks-accepting Day!


When we thank someone, we are delivering a blessing. No matter our faith or belief system, “thank you” is our way of showing appreciation and good wishes. It’s a way of letting someone know you love them for what they did. Is it important that we know that we love and appreciate each other? We believe that it is. Over the years, I’ve become quite good at giving thanks and expressing gratitude but it’s a different story when someone is expressing their thanks to me.

Here’s how the dialog usually plays out:

Thanker: “David, thank you so much for what you did for me.”

Me: “You’re welcome, but it was no big deal.”

As subtle as this exchange is, something significant is happening here. The thanker would like very much to pass a blessing on to me and I have diffused and minimized it with my response. I’m actually saying that the thanker shouldn’t be as grateful because it didn’t take a big effort on my part. I’ve found that I do this with all expressions of appreciation that come my way.

The powerful benefits of gratitude are experienced when the cycle of gratitude has been completed. To complete the cycle means that thanks is given with an open heart AND received in kind. What are the benefits? See for yourself. Declare today Thanks-accepting Day. A day where you accept the thanks, compliments and acknowledgments of others fully, without reservation or excuse. Accept these as blessings and let the fullness of their words into your heart.



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