17 Sep

Seeing Peace


No person or possession is capable of taking me higher than I can take myself. I believe the same is true for all of us. Each one of us elevating ourselves to the best self that we can conceive of. Limited only by what we think we see.

The great thing is that we have the power to see what we want to see and to make it our reality. The more people see the same idea, the more real that idea becomes. It’s how civilizations are built and destroyed. People sharing ideas. Following a common goal. I’d like to test this theory by “seeing” Peace. How does one “see” Peace? Imagine the most wonderful place on Earth. A place where all your particular needs are met no matter what they might be. A place where you receive without resistance or guilt. Every request granted in abundance and you are without a care. Can you see it? It’s different for everyone but, for everyone there is a vision of utopia. Have you noticed a certain sense welling up inside you? The feeling of love, contentment and oneness? Now, remember that feeling and remove the circumstances surrounding it. That is Peace. Seeing Peace is remembering that that feeling is always inside you and the realization that Peace only a thought away. A choice away.



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