28 Oct

Elixir of Love



Another school shooting.

Another terrorist attack.

Another act of senseless violence.

Each tragedy sends a shockwave of chaos through our society, shattering lives and breaking hearts. We will respond to these events the way we always do. We will assess blame and punish responsible parties. We will intensify our military presence. We might even create new laws. We’ll do what it takes to make ourselves feel safe so we can go on with our lives, but we will also retain deep scars from the experience. Chaos has a way of bringing about immediate change, but it always seems to be the same kind of change. A change that invariably closes our once-open hearts and minds. Must we always react in this way? Is it possible to react to tragedy in a way that allows us to heal our broken hearts and at the same time avoid future pain? I believe there is a way, and that way is through love.

I believe in love. Love heals us, love protects us, and love educates us. I’ve found that the generous application of love can accomplish almost anything. Ever-changing, ever-growing love is all we’ve ever wanted and all that we will ever want. Look at the times you’ve learned the most about yourself. Was love involved? Of course it was.

The next time tragedy strikes and a wave pain and confusion settles upon you, apply a healthy dose of love. I’m not talking about a love that comes from the outside in. I’m talking about setting free the love that’s inside you. Now, it might seem counter-intuitive, or even ridiculous, to try to love with a broken heart, but the power of love is often manifested in ridiculous and miraculous ways! Reaching out to those you already love is helpful, but the most powerful elixir is “new” love. Reaching out with your heart to love someone or something that you didn’t love before can have a miraculous effect on your spirit. Think of the sorrow as your spirit’s way of telling you that it needs to love more. Aren’t you most happy when you are loving? If every one of us would tap into this power individually then we will start to tap into it as a nation. We will collectively turn the tide from a future where only some of us can be included into a future where all of us are needed. To the creators mayhem, our emotional scars are trophies and a tribute to their ability to pull us away from love. The only way we can truly “win” is to love more after tragedy than we did before it.




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