20 Feb

Taj at Last!

India trip notes part 4

It was a short drive into Agra to get to the grounds of the Taj Mahal. First, we met up with my guide, Jagu, who, upon entering the car, proceeded to run down a long list of instructions about how things were to proceed and rules of engagement with the local folks. I didn’t know much about India going in but I knew I needed to have my head on a swivel so, I paid keen attention to Jagu’s instructions, rationalizing and memorizing all the details. I was so excited I could burst into a million pieces and then, each of those pieces could burst into a million more but I had to keep cool and stay present. I didn’t want to get carried away with the enormity of the moment. Just stay alert!

We arrived at the outer gates of the Taj. Gas powered engines aren’t allowed within 500 meters so, Jagu and I were let out and the driver went to park and wait. God bless him! He stayed with the car and watched my stuff all day as I toured the area. I opted to walk the 500 meters to the front gate instead of rickshaw or electric cart, bought my ticket to get in and, POOF, we’re standing at the Great Gate of the Taj Mahal.

The rest of the story I will tell with the pictures below. The next post will be about day 2 which was even more amazing than day 1 for entirely different reasons.



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